Saturday, August 29, 2015

Awkward Things in My Living Room Pt 2

   I have huge blank walls. In almost every room. Blank walls. What's a girl to do? I am pretty sure I reached the end of the internet trying to find a solution. And all of Pinterest. All of it. In the end I decided to tackle this problem one blank wall at a time. First blank wall to tackle? The living room.
  Another consideration I had for this project was our television and where the cable outlet is located.  I think the intention when placing the cable outlet was to allow for the television to be mounted over the fireplace (if you like seeing a cord snaked around the fireplace by all means...) I am not a fan of the over the fireplace television. It would just make my already awkward living room more awkward considering my current furniture placement.

   I decided to wall mount the television on the giant blank wall

Check out this poor, awkward television and Ikea Hemnes television stand.  You know what is better than one Ikea Hemnes television stand?

Three Ikea Hemnes television stands. This still looks pretty awkward.

Innovation! I decided I wanted to add shutters to the wall. I searched high and low for antique, distressed shutters. I could not find the shutters I wanted that were in my price range or the look I wanted. In the end I decided to buy exterior shutters from the big box store and make them look distressed. I know this will be shocking, but I actually took pictures of this process so there will be a tutorial later. Please don't faint on me, there is more to see.

Hm. A big, blank space still remains. What can be done?

What's this? These are two vinyl lattice panels from Home Depot. They are available in different patterns. I mounted and framed these panels for a unique focal point
Here is the semi-finished product. I still need to hide the television wires and add more accessories.

Cost of this project: Approx $500.00 including three television stands, shutters, vinyl lattice

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