Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to do with broken China

What do you do when you open a box of antique china to find that there are a ton of broken pieces? Turn it into your next craft project. I decided to use the broken china for mosaic.

First I broke the broken pieces into smaller broken pieces
This is an antique table that I decided to mosaic. See how it screams for help?

It really does need a little attention doesn't it?

I did the mosaic on the top and stained the table in a color called Kona

I also made some mosaic serving trays

and a jewelry box

Matt's New Old Coffee Table

My neighbors were throwing out this old coffee table. When I saw it on the curb, I knew I could work magic on it! I present to you - Matt's new old coffee table (for his gameroom)

The original plan was to just sand the old thing and repaint it (better). When I started to sand the table I was happy to see that underneath the shoddy spray paint job there was real pine! I bought some paint stripper and went to work. I then sanded. And sanded. And sanded some more.

In the end I decided to leave the top natural and keep the bottom black with a little distressing.

and here it is today. I love how it turned out. The rustic/distressed pine top with the distressed black bottom just sets it off.