Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bathroom Floating Shelves

I've always wanted house with 10ft ceilings and I finally have one. Now all I can think about is all the wasted space I see. Take this area of the master bathroom:

Sorry, I always remember to take pictures AFTER I start the project

So what to do with this space? I did some research and decided on floating shelves. Here's how it turned out.
Ahh. No more wasted space. I got the idea and tutorial from desertdomicile

New House

We started off the new year in a new house in a new place. Let's see the overview

I've already got a list so long it leaves the hubby groaning. Some things I can tell you will be in upcoming projects will be:

1) Kitchen backsplash
2) Shelves in the master bathroom
3) Install a linen closet/cabinet behind master bedroom door in a completely weird space/area
4) Build a new entertainment center because I hate hate hate hate the one we had in the Texas house in this house
5) Build a corner entertainment stand for the master bedroom
6) Built a built in banquette/table in the eat-in kitchen
7) Insulate sunroom/add a decorative ceiling
8) Build an outdoor fire pit
9) Build a coffee station
10) Fix the fireplace situation - it makes me nuts seeing the fireplace hanging in the wall like that.

And in the future:

Replace flooring (tile)
Turn the formal dining room into a library
Master bath- replace tile around tub, reconfigure shower, add heated/tiled floor

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Been A Long Year

Okay, so I know I promised updates forever ago. Sorry about that. A lot has gone on in the past year. It started with my husband being sent to Korea for a year and upon his return we were going to be moving. This is par for the course being a military family.
Matt helped me finish up what he could before he left and then I completed the rest and put the house on the market. The house was under contract within 24 hours of being listed. Awesome!
It was a bittersweet parting. We worked hard on the house and it paid off. But we didn't really get to enjoy the house being completed.

I did take pictures, but I have to warn you...they are pretty bad. I am going to blame it on how darn busy I was. I will try to include before pictures if I happen to have them. I am really bad about the before pictures. Sorry y'all.

Remember this?

I had made a few updates, but was still not happy.

Here's how it ended up!
I removed the cabinet doors here

I will be searching for some before pictures for the rest of the house. Until then, enjoy the after pictures!