Sunday, January 19, 2014

New House

We started off the new year in a new house in a new place. Let's see the overview

I've already got a list so long it leaves the hubby groaning. Some things I can tell you will be in upcoming projects will be:

1) Kitchen backsplash
2) Shelves in the master bathroom
3) Install a linen closet/cabinet behind master bedroom door in a completely weird space/area
4) Build a new entertainment center because I hate hate hate hate the one we had in the Texas house in this house
5) Build a corner entertainment stand for the master bedroom
6) Built a built in banquette/table in the eat-in kitchen
7) Insulate sunroom/add a decorative ceiling
8) Build an outdoor fire pit
9) Build a coffee station
10) Fix the fireplace situation - it makes me nuts seeing the fireplace hanging in the wall like that.

And in the future:

Replace flooring (tile)
Turn the formal dining room into a library
Master bath- replace tile around tub, reconfigure shower, add heated/tiled floor

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