Monday, October 5, 2009

Remodeling pics, now with more kitchen!!!

By request here are a couple more pictures of the kitchen.
Below is the area leading to the pantry/dining room/ hallway

I rearranged the kitchen moving the little desk (which I repainted green with a black top, too
cute). A perfect area for storage and microwaving!


Before: The dining room was ....very brown.

Retro little table and chairs

After: Painted walls and doors, new artwork

New ceiling fan, new curtains and blinds, table painted and new chair added

Before: Living room of death. I like red, really I do. But here not so much

After: Paint, cute new mirror, painted the a/c unit, and rearranged things a bit

Does this even look like the same room? I think not!

Bedroom 2 Before: What can I say? It was drab

After: Pretty as a picture

Master Bedroom Before: Blah.

Aluminum blinds that seriously needed to GO!

Water damage to the corner

After: Painted. Mirror from Kirkland's.

Another view

I found these super cute curtains at Ross for like $6.00/panel.

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